Veterans Day Parade and Celebration 2016


Good evening ALL,

It is customary to have the entire community along with organizations, businesses, churches, etc. to participate in the annual Veterans Day Parade and Celebration.If you would like to represent your organization, business, church or youth group – or simply as a local resident- you are welcomed to do so.

District 2 Commissioner Ken Russell has engaged in this year’s event to expand the recognition of our veterans and attached are two documents for your review.Please advise Ms. Janice Muller your interest to participate this year and the number of people in your group.We would like to have people/kids walking, marching or riding along with us and plans have to be made to include you and/or your group.Example:You can wear your special colors, T-shirts, hats, etc. that represents.

While this is a holiday, time is of the essence and I would hope that your schedules will permit attending.

Thank you,
Linda Williams
Email: moc.o1516465820ohay@1516465820sepyt1516465820adnyl1516465820

Download invitaion letter