FSUshadow Host 2017


Become a FSUshadow Host and Take a Nole to Work!

The FSU Career Center is gearing up for the Spring Break 2017 session of the inaugural FSUshadow program. We invite you to serve as a Host and Take a Nole to Work during FSU’s spring break – March 13, 14, 15, or 16, 2017.

The FSUshadow Program is a structured matching process that connects students with one-day job shadowing opportunities for career exploration and introduction to the world of work.

Why Take A Nole to Work

Benefits for FSUshadow Hosts may include:

  • Building Your Brand: The FSUshadow Program introduces students, graduate and undergraduate, to your organization and its commitment to informed career choices. Upon return to campus, FSUshadow Student Participants will become an unofficial ambassador for your organization once they are able to learn what it takes to succeed at your organization!
  • Recruiting FSU Talent: You may find your next star employee through the FSUshadow Program! Student Participants who have insider knowledge of your organization will be excited to apply for full-time or internship opportunities within your organization.
  • Giving Back: Your advice as a professional is invaluable to students wishing to gain information about a career field.

The Host Registration guide attached is designed to help you post your own job shadow opportunities through SeminoleLink. We are more than happy to work with you in creating your posting, just reply to this email to get started!

We would truly appreciate your support in helping our students explore their career interests and ask that you also pass this information along to your contacts. FSUshadow is an incredible opportunity for current students and employers to meet, learn from each other, and share stories about their experiences in the professional world.

Detailed information on the FSUshadow Program is available via http://career.fsu.edu/Employers/Build-Your-Brand/FSUshadow

For questions or additional information, contact The Career Center at ude.u1516473677sf@ec1516473677neire1516473677pxe-n1516473677iag-c1516473677c1516473677