Kenneth Myers Clean-Up 10/14/17

Dear volunteers,

I hope everyone is well!

I am happy to confirm Oct.14th Kenneth Myers clean-up – I just got the email confirmation from that we have a permit!

More than ever our actions will help our environment. Hurricane Irma hurt us really bad and I am looking forward to keep helping any way possible.

Few notes:

1. We will be meeting right at Kenneth Myers Park instead of the sailing club. It will be easier to have a table there as a meeting point.

2. Please, try bringing your own reusable gloves. I have my own gardening, and it works perfect, since I can just wash it and reuse, which helps not to produce more garbage (specially disposable plastic things)….

3. We will have buckets to carry the trash. If you have one, please bring it!

4. Water in a reusable container. Let’s reduce waste and refuse single-use disposable plastic where possible. Additional water will be available for refill.

Here is the link again, please help spread the word, we are still receiving RSVP!

I am looking forward to meet you all!!

Best regards,


**Director of Business Development
Sharp Dentistry
Office (305) 857-0990

**Chair of Sustainability & Resilience Committee
Coconut Grove Chamber of Commerce